Minutes from the 213th Black Cats Reunion #11 April 2017

The 213th Assault Support Helicopter Company Alumni Association met at the Sheraton Hotel, San Francisco, CA for Reunion #11. The Association meeting was held on April 18st, 2017 with the following Officers present: Foster Sexton Jr., President; Michael Brown, Historian; and Sam Parrish, PX Office.

Other Association Members present were: John Ballenski, Richard Ballantine, Tom Carey, James Carnes, Martin Fausnight, Patrick Gonzales and Tom MacDonald. The meeting was called to order by the President, Foster Sexton Jr., and opened to the floor for business.

Old Business:
In April 2016 while president Foster Sexton was working on plans for reunion in Sacramento, CA. I was contacted by George Haley, requesting an online vote, to change the reunion location from Sacramento to San Francisco, CA. to allow for more areas to see and tour. The online vote were 22 for San Francisco and 2 for Sacramento: For the reason, the location was changed.

Our annual dinner was held this year at the I HOP Restaurant. The turn out was good and after the dinner our president Foster Sexton Jr., displayed The Black Cat Service Award, for our distinguished, Treasurer, George Haley, (for 17 years of service) who wasn’t present at the dinner. It will be mailed to his home. Thank you George for all of the years you spend working to make the Black Cat Alumni Assoc. a success. In to the award, the Blackcats want thank Past President Terry Sanderlin for his work in helping our unit a hotel selection in the Fisherman’s Wharf area of San Francisco of Calif. Also we want to thank Past 213th Commander, Sylvester Berdux Jr. for a donation $50 for the reunion. A thank you card was mailed to Col Berdux by the president. President Sexton thanked the membership for their support and efforts in support of the Blackcat’s Reunions.

PX Report:
1. Remaining Stock on hand:
a. S & L sell @$22.00 -shirts
b. XL & 2XL sell @ $25.00 - shirts
2. Other Items:
d. Caps sell @$19.00
e. Iron patches sell @ $4.00
f. Window stickers 10 ea. Free. *Shipping costs will be added to all items sold.

3. Merchandise ordering process:
When a member desires to purchase an item from the PX, he will send the money to the Treasurer, stating the item/s to be purchased. At this time, the Treasurer will notify the PX Officer of the receipt of revenue for the item/s. The PX Officer will then place the item/s in the mail.

Registrar’s Report:

Other Discussion:
Mike Brown requested, that all members send him their updates on changes to addresses, emails and phone numbers. Also, request the Treasurer add a second person with signature to the Black Cat Checking Account for backup support.

New Business/Issues:

To be Posted on Black Cats Web site

Black Cat Activities:
Black Members and wives toured San Francisco, Paradise Island, China Town, and Fisherman’s Wharf Area and toured across the Golden Gate Bridge.

Membership Coordinator:
a. $15 yearly membership fee
b. $100 life time membership fee

Tom Hoopes’ continued efforts to contact each member and encourage them to attend. Plus, he will contact the Mike Brown yearly for him to send out a message to the membership requesting them to send $15 to the Treasurer, George Haley.

The Black Cat checking account balance after the reunion is $4073.47, plus $60 to be deposited in the bank. The President turned in a bill of $1000.73 to the Treasurer for the cost of the Hospatality Room at the Sheraton Hotel for reimbursement.

Not published

Web Networking Officer:
No Report

Reunion – May 2019:
Tom MacDonald volunteered to contact a friend Boeing in Philadelphia, PA to see if he can set up a tour of the Boeing Plant for the Blackcats membership. If so, Philadelphia will be the site for reunion, May 2019.
It that fails:
Mike Brown will send out an email to the 213th Alumni Assoc. membership, requesting that they send in their choice of location for Reunion 2019 and WHY it would enjoyable for the Blackcats to visit with their wives input. Upon selection of reunion site, an email will be sent out to the Blackcat wives request the input and their opinion for improving the success of our reunion.

Election of Officers:
President Foster Sexton opened the floor for election of officers:
Richard Ballantine made a motion for all of the current officers remain in their position, health allowing and their willingness to serve. The motion was seconded by Martin Fausnight and the vote was carried for:

1. Treasurer- George Hale
2. Historian- Mike Brown
3. Membership Coordinator - Thomas Hoopes
4. PX Officer - Sam Parrish
5. President- Foster Sexton Jr.
6. Alumni Registrar - Tom Hoopes
7. Assistance PX Officer- Jerome Kuenzel
8. Secretary - Robert Allen

The president closed the Meeting at approximately 7:30 PM, Apr 18, 2017.

Foster Sexton Jr., President
Robert Allen, Secretary